Registration is now closed for the upcoming semester that begins on August 22, 2021.

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ICJC Sunday School offers Islamic education to children ages 5-15 (K-9). The Sunday school meets on Sundays (August - May) from 10:35 AM- 1:20 PM.

Students are divided into different groups according to their age. The curriculum is based on the Weekend Learning Publishers books.

Islamic Studies: The curriculum begins with a few topics on Allah, the Quran, the Prophet (SAW), the Hadith and Sunnah. In early years emphasis is given on the 5 pillars. The history of other Prophets is introduced in an age-appropriate manner. Several lessons are devoted to Islamic values to make the children grow up with a strong understanding of Islamic manners, values and morals. All the lessons are followed by homework.

In advanced classes, students are taught how to make Wudu, Salah and Adhkaar after Sala, including different types of Salah and their rulings.

Arabic Learning: The curriculum includes learning the basic Arabic writing skills. This ranges from teaching very young students to recognize Arabic letters and numbers to providing instruction to older students on recognizing and legibly writing Arabic letters, simple words and numbers. Further, students learn to read and understand simple Quranic Arabic words like Qamar, Shams and Layl to the advanced level where they learn the root words. The goal is for students to understand the Quran when they read it.

Qur'anic Studies: Memorization and recitation of the Quran is taught to all students. Starting from level 1 upwards, concentration is given to understanding the Quran. Students start with reciting and learning stories from the Quran and their lessons, including Surah Kahf, Surah Yusuf, etc.

As students advance to higher classes, they learn the meaning of the Surahs from Juz Amma word by word and a brief Tafseer of the Surah.

Seerah: Fundamental facts of the life of Rasulullah (SAW) is taught up to Level 3. From Level 4 onwards, students will be learning in-depth Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The goal is to develop love for Rasulullah (SAW) in the hearts and minds of the students.

Break Time: Snacks are provided to the students by the Sunday school. They can also bring their own snacks. Weather permitting, the students will have the chance to go outside and play. All the students are supervised and watched by volunteers and teachers who ensure their safety.


  • One-time Registration Fee of $25 for per student.
  • Monthly fee for one child is $80. Each additional sibling gets a discount in increments of $10.
  • If you choose monthly payment, then you are responsible to pay for the entire semester (Sep – Dec) and/or (Jan – Apr).
  • Quran School student get a 30% discount. The discount does not apply to registration fee, and you must signup for Auto payment for all payments.
  • Students who are not eligible for any other discount can get 5% off if they pay upfront for the entire year.
  • Payments are accepted via automatic payment (ACH/CC). No monthly checks or cash.
  • Tuition is not refundable for absence of the child from the Sunday school for trips, illness, withdrawal, dismissal, or any other reason.


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ICJC Sunday School Schedule 2021-2022

10:15 AM - 10:30 AM Arrival
10:30 AM - 10:50 AM Assembly/ guest speaker
10:55 AM - 11:35 AM Islamic Studies
11:35 AM – 12:15 PM Arabic/Seerah Studies
12:15 PM – 12:40 PM Break
12:40 PM - 1:20 PM Quranic Studies
1:20 PM Students Dismissal

Calendar 2021-2022

Aug 16th 2021 Open House / Pick up Supplies
Aug 23rd First Day of Classes
Oct 11th Donuts with dad
Nov 29th No School - Thanksgiving
Dec 6th Parent-Teacher Conference
Dec 13th Teacher Appreciation Dinner
Dec 20th - Jan 3, 2021 No School - Winter Break
Feb 14 Pancakes with Pajamas
Mar 14 No School - Spring Break
Apr 14th Parent-Teacher Conference
May 2nd Last Day - End of School celebration

Registration is open June 25 to August 15 for the 2021-22 session.

Thank you for considering ICJC Sunday School for Islamic education of your child(ren). The tuition for 2021-2022 school year can be financed over 9 monthly payments from the annual amounts listed below. We have family discounted rates for siblings as well as those simultaneously attending ICJC Quran School. For any additional inquiries, please email

Grades KG - 9th Monthly payments
(No Discount)
Family tuition per month
(No Discount)
1st Student $80 $80
2nd Student $70 $150
3rd Student $60 $210
4th Student $50 $260
Grades KG - 9th Monthly Payments with Quran School Discount (30% off) Family Tuition Per Month (30% off)
1st Student $56 $56
2nd Student $49 $105
3rd Student $42 $147
4th Student $35 $182

Parent Portal Login Instructions

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    Login credentials' email is sent to the parent during registration process
  • If you don't see credentials email in in-box, please check spam folder
  • Ensure to save and muntazim in your address book
Login to Sunday School
  • Go to Fee Management
  • Click Payment Info tab.
  • Click on Add New Payment Method.
  • Payment Information Screen will popup.

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