Advertising on monitors in the main lobby

  • The person submitting should submit one slide in a standard powerpoint slide or jpeg/picture format for the advertising monitors.
  • Should include picture, business name or any other relevant information
  • If you are unable to create the slide, ICJC can create the slide at $50/hour
  • Advertising slide will be run on a cycle, as part of multiple slides
  • Slide will display for 5 - 10 seconds at a time
  • Weekly - $50/Week (Friends of ICJC Cost - $40/Week)
  • Monthly - $150/Month (Friends of ICJC Cost - $120/Month)
  • Ramadan - $300/Ramzan (Friends of ICJC Cost - $250/Ramazan)

Advertising using tables

  • Material should be pre-approved by the Finance Committee
  • Will be outside the North entrance
  • No retail will be allowed - only informational advertising
  • In case of inclement weather, advertisers can pick a different day or ask for a refund
  • Cost for table rental is $100/day

Advertising using flyers

  • Flyers should be pre-approved by the Finance Committee
  • Cost for passing out flyers is $50/day
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