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The purpose of this policy to define the scope, process, and procedures by which advertising occurs at the Islamic Center of Johnson County (ICJC).

All advertising at ICJC must meet the basic standards of Islamic etiquette and values. Materials submitted are requested to be consistent with ICJC's mission For example, materials related to alcohol, gambling, etc. will not be permitted. Advertising that competes directly with the services provided by ICJC will be respectfully declined.

ICJC does not endorse businesses that are advertising at ICJC. All submitted material will go through an editorial review process and approval by the ICJC Finance committee before being published.

Advertising on monitors in the main lobby
  • The person submitting should submit one slide in a standard powerpoint slide or jpeg/picture format for the advertising monitors.
  • Should include picture, business name or any other relevant information
  • If you are unable to create the slide, ICJC can create the slide at $50/hour
  • Advertising slide will be run on a cycle, as part of multiple slides
  • Slide will display for 5 - 10 seconds at a time
  • Weekly = $50/week (Friends of ICJC Discount = $10/week)
  • Monthly = $150/month (Friends of ICJC Discount = $30/month)
  • Ramadan = $300/Ramzan (Friends of ICJC Discount = $50/Ramzan)
Advertising using tables
  • Material should be pre-approved by the Finance Committee
  • Will be outside the North entrance
  • No retail will be allowed - only informational advertising
  • In case of inclement weather, advertisers can pick a different day or ask for a refund
  • Cost for table rental is $100/day
Advertising using flyers
  • Flyers should be pre-approved by the Finance Committee
  • Cost for passing out flyers is $50/day

Bundled options are available

All materials and questions should be sent to

Advertising cost should be paid prior to advertising taking place.

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