Islamic Center of Johnson County

12th KC Quran Competition

When: Saturday, March 26th 2016.

Where: Islamic Center of Johnson County, 9001 W 151st Street – Overland Park KS 66221


  • Level 1 : Half Juzu Amma - Must be 8 and under (2nd grade and below).
  • Level 2: Full Juzu Amma - Everyone.
  • Level 3: Juzu Tabarak + Juzu Amma (29+30) - Everyone.
  • Level 4: Juzu 28+29+30 (AlMujadelah - AlNass) - Everyone.
  • Level 5: Juzu 1+2+3 (AlBaqara + part of Al-Imran) - Everyone.


  • Contestants can compete in multiple levels.
  • Contestants will be judged on memorization and Tajweed skills. Scoring will also take the contestant's age and experience into consideration.
  • The Competition is open to all KC Metro Muslims including children and adults.
  • There are no makeup or alternative dates available.
  • Registration is required and can be completed using the below link.
Click here to register for the Quran competition.