Welcome to ICJC Library!

The idea of a library started out in 2012 when a small group of mothers and their children collected Islamic books to share amongst themselves and created a reading club for kids, named IQRA BOOCLUB, that would meet once a month to listen to a storytelling or to read a book. As the collection of books grew, a functional and active library became a vision and a goal.


ICJC Library aims to provide ICJC community members supplemental resources and tools to browse and learn from about Islam, and to instill more love and fondness for Islamic books among children and teens. It also hopes to make ICJC a more welcoming masjid to the children by providing a wider scope of activities utilizing library resources.


Book checkout:

Mon-Fri , 6:30 to 7:30, after Jumu’a prayers, Sun (during/after Sunday school).

Book Club Meeting:

Once a month after on early release school day

Themed Events:

Every other month or so the library prepares fun and educational family activities.


Community members can donate new or lightly used books to add to the collection. The community members can also help by participating in: Book drives, library fundraisers, cash donations, or donate via Amazon.com where ICJC has a wishlist.

Future Projects:

Web-based library management system or software.

Library expansion beyond the existing bookshelves that house the library collection.

Media equipments: computers, laptops, projector.


Library needs more committed volunteers.

To Register for Library membership:

Please send Name, phone number, email, children’s name and age

For inquiries, please email library at iqrabookclubop@gmail.com