The Islamic Center of Johnson County (ICJC) is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization. Although ICJC provides many services which are open to the community at large, the organization is accountable only to its members and applicable state and federal laws. Membership in the organization is voluntary and must be approved by the Board of Trustees. There are no membership fees. Following are the requirements for membership:

  • Muslim aged 18 years and older
  • Accept the purposes of ICJC and act in accordance with the mission of ICJC
  • Resident of Johnson County, Kansas
  • Approval of membership by Board of Trustees

Please fill out the following form to register and be considered for membership at the Islamic Center of Johnson County.

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I attest that I am 18 years old or older, a resident of Johnson County (Kansas), accept the purpose of ICJC, and will act in accordance with the mission.*