Upcoming Events

Regularly Scheduled Events

  • [Daily] Quran recitation Halaqa for adults after Fajr
  • [Daily] Khatira by the Imam after Maghreb
  • [Thursdays] Quran Reciatation class for WOMEN every Thursday at 12:00 AM
  • [Friday] Youth halaqa on most Friday evenings after Maghreb
  • [Saturday] Feed the hungry event - First Saturday of every month


  • [August 7th] Hijab Fashion Tutorial [Women Committee]
  • [August 1st] Preparing meals for City Union Mission Homeless Shelter[Sprouts]
  • Ramadan Reading & Essay Competition 2015 [ICJC Library]
  • [June 14th] Du'a &Barakah Puppet Show [ICJC Library & Sprouts]
  • [June 14th] Welcome Ramadan craft and activity [Sprouts @ ICJC]
  • [June 12] How to Prepare for Ramadan lecture by Sh Dahee
  • [June 5] Balancing Body, Mind and Soul in Ramadan Lecture [ICJC Women Committee]
  • [May 29] Movie Night [Muhammed The Last Prophet]
  • [May 23] Strawberry Picking @Gieringers orchard [Sprouts @ ICJC]
  • [May 03] Sprouts@ICJC fun day for kids 4-12
  • [April 10] Heart Health Workshop (women and men) [ICJC Women Committee]
  • [April 25] LADIES ONLY swim party [ICJC Women Committee]
  • [March] 11th KC Quran Competition
  • [March] Boys Basketball Tournament. [ICJC Youth Committee]
  • [March] Girls Potluck & Games Day. [ICJC Youth Committee]
  • [March] 'Child Development & Islam' Workshop. [ICJC Women Committee]
  • [February] Substance Abuse Awareness Workshop. [ICJC Women Committee]
  • [February] Ladies Aerobic Classes - every Wednesday. [ICJC Women Committee]
  • [January] Yoga Basics Workshop-Ladies only. [ICJC Women Committee]
  • [January] Youth Night ( All night event ).. Pray and Play at ICJC all night. Tahajjud, Games, Khatiras and lots of fun. [ICJC Youth Committee]